Nordic Shield – The best protection for your mobile device.

At Nordic Shield we are motivated by taking care of what we use most throughout our daily lives. We want to protect our phones with innovative screen protection products with the aim of extending its lifetime for the best possible time.

Nordic Shield is far more than a standard screen protection product. We have used the latest technology to develop a unique screen protection product of superior quality. Nordic Shield represents the very best in screen protection technology, so you can always feel that your phone is in safe hands.

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Nordic Shield screen protector for any Apple iPhone.

All Nordic Shield screen protection products are designed to create the best protective glass for the specific mobile device. This means maximum protection and an unaffected user experience whether you use Nordic Shield tempered glass on an iPhone 6.7,8 or iPhone 11.

Check out some of our most popular screen protectors for iPhone devices here or see the full range of Nordic Shield products:

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Compatible with your smartphone or tablet.

Slide between the products and find some of our most popular Nordic Shields. Do you not find something that suits your smart device? Don’t worry, we have many other products to find.

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Find a Nordic Shield for your Apple device. We provides screen protection for all iPhone models.Apple skærmbeskyttelse »
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Samsung Galaxy

Nordic Shield Screen Protector for your Samsung Galaxy device.Samsung Galaxy skærmbeskyttelse »
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Nordic Shield Screen Protector for your Huawei device.Huawei skærmbeskyttelse »

What SHIELD will you choose?

Nordic Shield are available for several brands, including Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Choose between Nordic Shield Standard Fit Clear, Full Cover(Edge to Edge) and Silicone Edge with BumperGlass feature.