Case Friendly

All Nordic Shield screen protection products are Case Friendly. I.e. that you can always use a cover after you have mounted your Nordic Shield screen protector. It does not matter if you use a Standard Fit Clear, Full Cover or a Silicone Edge screen protector from Nordic Shield. All Nordic Shield screen protection products are Case Friendly!

Shock-proff Resistant

Nordic Shield Screen Protector protects your smartphone against significant shocks and bumps. All Nordic Shield products have been thoroughly tested and developed to withstand 5 times more impact than a standard tempered glass. Nordic Shield is been tested with a ‘Ball drop test’ 64g from 190 cm up to several times.


When you install a Nordic Shield on your smartphone, it is guaranteed a significantly better protection and a longer life. All Nordic Shield screen protection products are Scratch and Shatterproff-Resistant. This means that your smartphone will withstand various scratches and instead it will be able to maintain the look of the assembly line.

Oleophobic layer

All Nordic Shield screen protection products contain an oleophobic layer. This means that the protective glass acts antibacterially and easily resists bacteria or liquids. At the same time, the screen protector also seems fingerprint dismissive. That way you avoid grease stains on your mobile display.

Easy Installation

Do you think it’s a challenge to install the Nordic Shield screen protectors? We’ve made it easy with our Nordic Shield applicator that comes with all Nordic Shield packages. With an applicator you can easily and quickly install your screen protection product, and you are guaranteed a perfect mounting every time!

Silicone Edge BumperGlass™ Feature

Nordic Shield Silicone Edge with the unique BumperGlass™ Feature is the first and only of its kind in Denmark. Nordic Shield Silicone Edge with BunmperGlass™ Feature is developed with the same specifications as all other Nordic Shield products. In addition, the product is also designed with the unique silicone edge, which is raised 0.2-0.3mm above the protective glass. Nordic Shield Silicone Edge protects your iPhone optimally from edge to edge, while giving you a significantly better grip on your iPhone.